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Research and Discovery

World of Warcraft is the largest and most successful MMORPG in video game history. In it, players side with either the Horde or the Alliance factions, and are able to level and play twelve different classes in a slew of varying environments and worlds.

Being a fan of Blizzard Entertainment for many years, my time with World of Warcraft dates back to when the game was in family and friends closed beta. In that time, many websites stemmed up providing users with the ability to locate the whereabouts of NPCs, weapons, armors, bags, and more by using their WoW item database. The largest and most successful WoW database is one called Wowhead. Over the years, Wowhead has grown with varying content besides being just an item database, but most people, like myself, typically just use it to look up something that’s in WoW.

The biggest problem that I’ve noticed with Wowhead, as well as other WoW item database sites is their mobile version isn’t very well thought out. Looking at a list of items, or even just one item without flipping your phone into landscape mode is a real hassle to perform every time you want to look at a particular item.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could click on an item category quickly, and more easily navigate to a particular WoW item? That is exactly what my new WoW item database app sets up. The app will further tailor your navigation experience by using already well known World of Warcraft icons for a fast and easy viewing experience.

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Improved Category Browsing

Instead of having to follow a long dropdown menu to get to a particular item category, my mobile WoW database is divided into nine categories, and once clicked, opens a card revealing all the subcategories for said category. For example, if a user clicked the weapons card, it would open up and reveal all the different weapon types in the game.

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The biggest game changer to my mobile WoW database is the search feature. I wanted users to be able to search from any screen that they may be in, and for it to be a fluid experience. The user is presented with search bars in the sidebar menu, the home screen, item screen, just about everywhere. Once an item is found, users can click that item, view previous searches, or clear a search which will take them back to the home screen.

Search Screen Click to view Completed Search Screen

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Improved Item Lists and Item Quick View

Once a user clicks on a sub category, such as Two-Handed Swords, they’re shown all of the 2H Swords in the game, from highest Item Level, to lowest, and there they can either filter the list using the dropdown, or click on an item to view its stats.

I wanted each item to be a modal where users can look at the stats of an item, click the “More Information” button, and look at any other useful information for that item. Once done, they can close it, and return to the item list to view more items.

Item List Screen Click to view Item List Screen

Item Modal Front Click to view Front of Modal

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Work Files & Application Demo

Go ahead and browse my Sketch file, or take a gander at my Flinto file if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Below you’ll find a demonstration of the prototype in action.