Giant Bomb App

Giant Bomb App featured image

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to design an app for site Giant Bomb. I wanted to try and take the functionality of the Giant Bomb website, and shrink it down into a mobile experience. Here’s what I came up with.

Giant Bomb is a community driven website, it’s a place for people to communicate with other like minded individuals about games, and everything that revolves around the gaming world. With that said, users are encouraged to register so that they can take part in the discussions when there’s a new video posted, or a review is up, as well as creating and editing wiki pages for tens of thousands of video games. Giant Bomb allows users to register in four different ways, they are: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a Giant Bomb registration form. So when it came to designing the login screen, I wanted users to instantly notice which form of logging into the app was right for them.

Login Screen

Once a user logs into the app, the first screen that they’ll see is the News screen. Just like on Giant Bomb’s website, the news section encompasses everything from reviews, news articles, interviews, or other pieces written by the GB crew. So with that in mind, I didn’t want to make a grid-like structure for the news cards, they would be way too small for a mobile screen. Therefore I went with large news cards that took up all of the horizontal space, and with the benefit of infinite vertical scrolling, the height of each news card didn’t matter. I wanted users to get a nice big shot of whatever HD image was used as the cover piece, and a nice large headline for said news piece. I wanted to make sure that the meta-info was short and sweet, with just the bare necessities that a user would like to see. I wanted a small snippet of each article underneath the image for users to get an idea of what the news item was about, in this case a review of Star Fox Zero.

News Screen

I wanted to have continuity with my app, and so for the videos section, the style of a large video card, like the news card, have a lot of similarities. From the large image, meta-info, and info snippet, the video section is where users would go to watch all the latest videos made by the GB crew. Giant Bomb has a subscription service, and so some of their videos are premium videos, such as the video in the picture below.

Videos Screen

While the videos that the Giant Bomb folks make are always hilarious and great, the biggest reason that GB is so popular is because of their podcasts, particularly the GiantBombcast. I broke the mold a little bit with the podcast section in that it’s style is different from the other sections of the app. Users can flip through all of the podcasts that Giant Bomb creates, and listen to them from the app, while still perusing through all the other content within Giant Bomb. I wanted to go with a simple carousel paging design that showed an image of the podcast, the name, a latest episode header, and a play button. I didn’t want users to get overwhelmed with info, and so I really like the simplicity of the podcast screen.

Podcasts Screen

When a user clicks the play button, I wanted to take the user to another screen that showed off the latest eight or so episodes for that particular podcast. As shown below, I wanted users to quickly see which episode they’re listening to with bright colors, a play button that replaces the list item number, and a big header and buttons that I think do a very good job for accessibility. That way a user knows exactly which episode they’re listening to instantly, and they can increase the volume, or skip to the next episode if needed.

Bombcast Screen

The Giant Bomb Wiki section is a very important part of the identity of Giant Bomb. Users are allowed to create and edit video game wiki’s just like Wikipedia. Just like my News and Videos section, my Wiki section looks and feels very similar to those. However, this time there’s a lot more sections inside the Wiki area. Users can browse any videos, articles, and forum posts related to a particular video game, this case being Overwatch.

Wiki Screen

All in all, I do like my Giant Bomb app design. Below you’ll find every art board that I made for this app, and hopefully my ideas have come across okay and made some sense. I’ll also post the Giant Bomb icon I remade in sketch, as well as the icons for the tab bar that I made for the app as well. I think I’ll try to prototype this app idea next.

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