My role within Crunchyroll is an ever-evolving one, for some features I may be a product designer, while at other times, I would be knee deep in code trying to finish up prototypes for the team that wanted to user test their designs. Over the past four years, I've been involved in every facet of the Crunchyroll platform, helping my team design, prototype, test, and research new ideas and features that would delight our users. I strive in a collaborative setting, helping my team either bridge the gap between designer and engineer through my prototypes, or providing support and working on features that require an extra set of hands.

For an actual corporate answer as to what I do, here's a bullet point list of the services I provide.

  • Designing collaboratively with Product Designers across multiple platforms like mobile, web, and living room.
  • Building works-like/looks-like digital prototypes that help communicate a product's or feature's ideal UX.
  • Collaborating with user researchers to test and adjust concepts based on user feedback.
  • Coordinating with engineers, both in-house and off-site, to ensure that their execution matches the direction set forth by Product Designers.
  • Defining the personality of Crunchyroll and VRV through motion.
☠️ Abandon hope all ye who enter here ☠️
☠️ Abandon hope all ye who enter here ☠️

Prototype examples

Below you’ll find a couple prototypes I’ve made for Crunchyroll 2.0

Example prototype made for You.i LRX platform
Sticky header / alphabetical order view for Crunchyroll web 2.0, tablet view.